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Erica Hartley and Kitty Littlar sat on stage as part of the cast for the theatrical production "Dinner With Gatsby"

Step into the glitz and glamour of the 1920s party scene and pull up a chair as you’re transported into an era of opulence, rebellion, and unforgettable entertainment. Old money meets new, old-fashioned values are thrown out the window, and the exhilarating spirit of decadent parties, secret speakeasies, and the pulsating rhythms of jazz music take over. But throughout all this, just who is this elusive Gatsby and what is it that makes him so revered across New York?

Join us as we unveil a captivating tale that immerses you in the vibrant world of the Jazz Age. Taking you on a mesmerizing journey through the roaring 20s, feel the energy surge through your veins amidst a captivating storyline which intertwines love, ambition, and the pursuit of dreams. Let the enchantment of the 1920s surround you as you become immersed in the magic of the era, and get ready to be dazzled and enthralled like never before in a story both inspiring and heartbreaking in equal measure.

Leave your inhibitions at the door, take a chance, and come for Dinner With Gatsby!

Content warnings: Depictions of and reference to suicide, domestic violence, abuse, misogyny, sexism. Explicit language.

Work In Progress Theatre are delighted to announce the premiere of this production in coproduction with GKT Musical Theatre Society. Find out more

Actors protesting on stage as part of the cast for the theatrical production "Where The Bees Fly"
Two actors in their early 20s on stage as part of the cast for the theatrical production "Where The Bees Fly"

Where The Bees Fly is an exciting new musical with a heartfelt message of family, unlikely friendships, and saving the environment. Set in a dystopian 2080 following the aftermath of global warming and climate change (based upon real research and scientific prediction), we follow adolescent Lotta as she begins to understand the world around her in comparison to the world she wishes she could know. Accompanied by history teacher Andor Fog, Lotta travels to 2017 where she meets modern punk activist Hazel, and the three of them embark on an adventure to save the planet for all of us.


Where The Bees Fly premiered in June 2023 with a cast of local young people from Walsall, in co-production with RicNic. We are now exploring what the future life of the show looks like.

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