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Work In Progress Presents is an exciting new branch of the company dedicated to presenting new and existing works which align with our mission, written by creatives not currently involved within the company. Whether these are published texts or new works by up-and-coming writers, everything is considered. The series launched in November 2022 with a production of Evan Placey's Girls Like That  (pictured below).

While we are not actively seeking submissions to be staged at this current time, we are very interested to hear about any new work in development or which has been completed and will consider all submissions when we are next looking for new work to stage as part of this series. If you have a project which you would like us to consider, please submit it below and we will be in touch should it be of interest in future.

We ask that all work submitted aligns with one or more of our missions:

  • To create theatre which interests and challenges our audiences through the communication of important messages relating to world issues.

  • To provide opportunities for young creatives to break into the industry and be a stepping stone in their transition from training to professional careers.

  • To bring theatre to members of communities who don’t otherwise have access to the arts, and inspire the next generation of creatives.

  • To create theatre in the most ethical, moral, and environmentally friendly way that we can.


One actor on the set for Evan Placey's Girls Like That, with the production programme in the foreground

Thanks for submitting!

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